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Optimizing Irrigation and Seed Hydration for Ultimate Grower Success

Optimizing Irrigation and Seed Hydration for Ultimate Grower Success

November 21, 2023

Growers are requiring technologies to help optimize irrigation and seed hydration for ultimate grower success. But why? What are the upcoming challenges with irrigation, and how can they be addressed with new up-and-coming agricultural technologies? There are four reasons that stand out:

  1. Challenges through drought and unpredictable weather.

Many growers observe climate patterns becoming stronger and, in cases, more unpredictable. This has made drought more common and spells growing challenges to producers who target the best and most uniform germination rates — especially those who stand for yield success and optimal profits.

Where challenges with drought were once more predictable and less frequent, the ag world increasingly needs more solutions to both predict and ameliorate drought— including technologies that help maintain soil moisture, boost drought resistance, and keep moisture close to roots and seeds where it is most effective.

  • Challenges in dry or arid regions.

The above challenges with drought and climate patterns are magnified in dry or arid regions. Where some drier regions are known breadbaskets for specific dry and drought-resistant crops, producers are facing difficulties successfully growing the crops they have always grown and at producing for their markets, such as alfalfa crops in, for example.

Ag tech and solutions are rapidly changing and innovating to meet the farmer where they are at with these obstacles, especially amid drought and climate challenges, so they can continue growing what they know how to grow best.

  • Challenges with irrigation and water expenses.

An under-discussed and under-explored aspect of irrigation challenges is their costs. It costs the producer, the municipality, and the surrounding environment quite a toll to power the pump and irrigate crops, especially with changing regional climate on the rise.

Any approach to mitigating the need for irrigation is absolutely crucial to growers of all backgrounds at this time in order to streamline costs and save money.

  • Challenges with irrigation efficiency.

This is a challenge nestled under irrigation costs: in this day and age of increasing dryness and climate drought issues, irrigation systems must be up to date and running efficiently. This means they release only the required amount of water for germination or crop sustenance, at the right pressure and rate, and with absolutely no water leaks.

This not only saves growers money, but can also enhance crop health more uniformly— while helping operations stay in line with any nearby state, county, or municipality water usage laws or guidelines.

Modern day ag tech solutions for irrigation and seedling stand success.

How are companies and ag tech addressing these challenges with the latest innovations?

  • Carbon sequestration approaches to enhance soil and plant drought tolerance.

Many ag tech developments today focus on carbon sequestration and enhancing soil health, which in turn improve drought adaptability across all growing operations and crops. These can involve activating microbial activity, heightening organic matter, improving soil aggregates and structure, etc.

Enhancing carbon sequestration utilizes a plethora of developing technologies and approaches: soil testing tools, data collection, carbon capturing, and all the required tools to optimize these practices in and of themselves. Soil health is inextricably tied to boosting drought tolerance and water retention— both in the soil where health is enhanced, and in the plants growing in it.

  • Seed coating solutions for optimizing hydration.

Here at Summit Seed, we know the most important phase of your crop’s life starts with establishing seedlings, and this hinges heavily on the health and viability of your seed.

Germination is especially critical: irrigation, hydration, and soil moisture play massive roles in seedling germination success and uniformity, which are in turn critical to establishing a healthy and vibrant seedling stand. This not only depends on maintaining adequate soil hydration but keeping that hydration close to seed hulls— right where it’s needed to target optimal germination rates. This is where seed coating solutions may help.

  • Automated irrigation and pressure systems.

Automated irrigation and pressure systems help “meter” necessary water output and pressure to various crops and growing areas depending on automated readings of soil moisture, pressure levels, etc. This can ensure not only that water is only going to the crops that need it, but that coated seeds and crops have the exact moisture levels they need for yield success.

Talk to us about our seed moisture enhancer HydroLoc: a highly absorbent material layered between other coatings and treatments we apply to our commercial seed. This coating is designed to both absorb and lock water close to seed surfaces without waterlogging them. It also enhances other seed treatments and coatings, supports uniform temperature to optimize germination, and can also prevent leaching of mineral coatings out into the soil and away from your seed.

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