Our Coatings

Summit has carefully cultivated these coatings for your seeds

Apex Seed Coating Alfalfa Seed Coating

Apex™ is the culmination of wisdom and creation of perfection from 40 years in the coating business. Used as the base for over 40% of the nation's alfalfa seed, Apex is a standard in the industry.

Pinnacle Seed Coating Grass Seed Coating

Pinnacle™ is all the knowledge gained from coating alfalfa applied to grass. Proven to increase germination rates as much as 50%, Pinnacle is becoming a standard in the industry.

Added Value Treatments
HydroLoc Seed Treatment Protected Germination Zone

HydroLoc keeps water and micronutrients encapsulated around a seed.

QuickStart Seed Treatment Inner Balanced Micronutrients

QuickStart is a unique combination of zinc, manganese, and iron.

Plus Seed Treatment Super Absorbent Shell

Plus is applied as the outside layer and nothing attracts water more.

Inoculant Seed Treatment Industry Leading Inoculant

Strains of rhizobia with clay or pete based carrier.

Fungicide Seed Treatment Industry Leading Fungicide

Protection against pythium, phytophthora, and more.

Mycorrhizae Seed Treatment Industry Leading Mycorrhizae

Pure, resistant and effective symbiotic mycorrhizae.

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