HydroLoc Seed Treatment

HydroLoc Seed Treatment

Protected Germination Zone

HydroLoc is a densely absorbent organic compound applied in-between multiple layers of coatings and treatments that is designed to hold water and micronutrients encapsulated around a seed while enforcing a single cohesive growing ecosystem amongst fungicides and inoculants. HydroLoc creates a protective shield around a seed’s immediate surroundings to stop the soil from leaching micronutrients forming an effective hydrogel or incubation solution significantly increasing the impact of all coating layers and bringing germination rates to an absolute maximum. It is extra important to apply HydroLoc when using super hydrating polymers.

Primary Benefits

  • With a steady supply of water and nutrients, plants grow healthier, crops are more uniform, and yields are increased.
  • Coating seeds with water absorbent materials can improve their survival, especially for those planted in drought or barren areas.
  • Keep seeds damp and give a unwavering temperature status;
  • Protection against fungal diseases through a fungicide treatment;
  • Nutrients designed to be immediately available to the seedling;
  • Insecticidal treatments to provide protection form biting and sucking insects.
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