Pinnacle Seed Coating

The Leader in Grass

Pinnacle Grass Seed Coating encapsulates each seed in a carefully formulated mix of minerals and selected nutrients to increase seed and seedling survival. It has been proven to increase plant yield while requiring the use of less seed. Pinnacle coated seeds are used by a variety of manufacturers on their high yield grass seeds. It is available for select warm and cool season turf and forage grasses.

Primary Benefits

  • Establishes a microenvironment for stimulating vigorous growth in young seedlings
  • Achieves better seed to soil contact to aid germination
  • Hygroscopic nature of the coating pulls and holds moisture to the seed aiding germination
  • Disguises seed for less bird predation
  • Colorant on the seed improves monitoring of area seeded and seeding rate
  • Increases stand and survival under adverse conditions
  • Added weight from coating material
  • Makes seed larger and easier to handle and distribute evenly
  • Creates less puddling of seed – seed stays put in over watering conditions
  • Penetrates stubble or thatch for better seed to soil contact
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