QuickStart Seed Treatment

Inner Balanced Micronutrients

QuickStart (QS) improves seedling growth by providing plants small amounts of important nutrients right after germination – before the plant can easily access soil nutrients on its own. Greater above-ground growth directly relates to the plant’s ability to photosynthesize, and ultimately influences yield. Enhanced early nutrition, more vigorous seedlings and bigger roots help the young crop grow through challenging early-season conditions such as cool and wet, or hot and dry environments. A treatment of QuickStart (QS) results in a more robust and healthy stand. Larger seedlings, with longer and more developed root systems are better able to compete with weeds for moisture and nutrients. Agronomists agree that larger, healthier seedlings will result in a higher yielding crop. Data from hundreds of research and demonstration trials prove that the early season nutrition and plant health from QuickStart (QS) improves crop yields in corn, soybeans, wheat and other crops. Growers benefit from a positive return on investment with QuickStart (QS).

Primary Benefits

  • Faster, more even emergence
  • Larger, more vigorous seedlings
  • Longer, more developed root systems
  • Better ability to withstand early season stress
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