Organic Seeds

About Organic Seeds

If exercising organic farming practices to grow crops for human consumption or livestock use, it’s critical to cultivate using approved organic seed protection methods. Growing seeds organically relies on the benefits gained from properly growing complementary crops and following best crop rotation standards. This includes encouraging the health of soil-improving crops, such as alfalfa, or nitrogen-loving bacteria structures, as with legumes. Improving organic seed vitality ensures that seedlings are strong enough to fight harmful diseases and pests.

Organic Seeds Protection Needs

Just like any other crop, organic seedlings need support against harmful pests while still adhering to organic farming practices. Using seed coating protection aids in allowing the crop to naturally grow to full strength and yield. Natural protection against disease and pests while minimizing synthetic substances is encouraged, and supports sustainable farming practices.


Seed coating protections offer the best support for organic seed vitality and protection against known pathogens and disease.

Encourage organic growing methods and sustainable farming practices
Healthy crop yield for human or livestock consumption
Improved organic seed performance and longevity
seeds with seed coatings being planted by hand in soil

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