Super Absorbent Shell

What Is Plus?

Plus is an extra absorbent soil enhancer created to keep an on-going supply of moisture and minerals available to a germinating seed, seedlings, and plants from seed to sprout and beyond. Made from natural polymer, each Plus granule works like a sponge, absorbing in excess of 10 times its original weight in water, forming hydrogels that slowly release moisture back to plants as they need it.

Why It is Used

Plus also binds and releases water-soluble nutrients, keeping more fertilizer in the root zone where it can be used by plants, thus creating a healthy microenvironment. Over time, Plus is broken down and consumed by naturally-occurring microorganisms in the soil, leaving no residue behind. With a steady supply of water and nutrients, plants grow healthier, crops are more uniform, and yields are increased.


Coating seeds with water absorbent materials can improve their survival, especially for those planted in drought or barren areas.

Keep seeds damp and give a unwavering temperature status
Protects against fungal diseases through a fungicide treatment
Nutrients designed to be immediately available to the seedling
seeds with seed coatings being planted by hand in soil

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