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About Apex

Apex™ seed coating is a scientifically formulated package of minerals and carefully selected strains of rhizobia bacteria, which take the form of a virtually dust–free coating which is specifically designed for legume seeds. Over many years of exhaustive testing at University and industrial trials, it has shown a consistent ability to convert a higher percentage of legume seed to viable seedlings, as compared to uncoated seed. While uncoated seed performs well under ideal field conditions, only Apex seed coating performs well under all field conditions. This translates to enhanced value and efficiency to the farmer. While virtually any legume seed benefits from Apex Seed Coating, it’s primarily used to coat alfalfa and clover seed.

How it Works

Apex surrounds each seed with a rich concentration of specifically isolated strains of rhizobia, providing a micro-environment for quick growth of the rhizobia. To ensure nodulation, the seed coating contains calcium carbonate and other growth encouraging materials. This allows the rhizobia to increase in numbers with the added bulk to improve survivability. The hygroscopic qualities of the coating material pull moisture to the seed and are especially beneficial in dry soils and shallow planted seed.


Ensures Nodulation
More Uniform Stands
Potential for Highest Yields
seeds with seed coatings being planted by hand in soil

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